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Value Finding Eye Glasses

Find values the easy, hands-free way with these clever and stylish glasses. The red tint reveals the true value of your fabrics and other artistic mediums, allowing you to accurately identify light, medium, and dark shades. Achieve perfect contrast and smooth value transitions while seeing the world through your rose-colored glasses! 'Sew Red Glasses' by Sew Red Glasses.

Three easy steps to check your quilt contrast!
  1. Use Sew Red Glasses to determine the color value of fabrics. The red filter lens enables you to see fabrics in a monochromatic scale.
  2. With your glasses on, organize fabrics by value: dark, medium, light.
  3. Check your design with the glasses to make sure you can see every aspect of your project.
Sew Red Glasses help you see contrasting values to create vibrancy and interest in your design.

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