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Here at Bound in Stitches, we sew love getting to know all our quilting and sewing enthusiasts.  Each of you have a story to share.  It's very special getting to know each of you, sharing your journey in quilting no matter what stage you are at, and your love for fabric!

It is important to us to make our store a place of community for YOU.  A place where you are not judged, a place where you can be yourself, a place of encouragement, of inspiration and one of tranquility.  We have seen many friendships form here which brings us great joy.  We know how important friendship is!

It's important for you to have a place to relax.  Life can be so hectic at times.  We hope when you visit, it can be your little get-away. 

Below we've added a cool little video with a  glimpse of our store.  Some very talented people put this video together for us.  They love color just as much as we do!


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Cindy Oravecz

Cindy Oravecz

What a homey, cozy video. And yes, it is a feast for the eyes to see your shop! Can’t wait to visit.

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