Bound in Stitches, uniquely located on our hobby farm just minutes outside of town.  We're family owned and operated with a love of creating handmade projects.  We welcome you as friends and look forward to you quickly becoming part of our quilting family!

At Bound in Stitches, our mission is to create a welcoming escape to dream & be inspired while educating & encouraging you to your next level of quilting.

Michelle grew up in a family that was gifted with music and art.  Her mom was a watercolor artist and sculpturist.  Already at age 5, Michelle’s kindergarten teacher suggested and encouraged her mom to enroll her in art classes.  That began the journey.

The earliest drawings were of architecture followed by drawing people and animals.  Michelle furthered her training with classes in acrylics and oils.  By her early teens, she was studying color and color theory and also garment construction. 

Prior to getting married, Michelle decided to learn cake decorating.  Her goal was to make their wedding cake.  Falling in love with the creativity that baking gave, Michelle became a licensed from-scratch bakery.  It was yet another opportunity to express her art through food.  Customers would share what they wanted on a cake and Michelle would draw it.

What does owning a bakery and a quilt shoppe have in common? 

In 1994 she decided to shift her career from owning a “from scratch” bakery to gathering just the right ingredients to open a quilt shoppe.  Just like those scrumptious recipes she created, Michelle had a vision for the premier quilt shoppe appealing to those that loved to sew, quilt, and create while offering the very best fabrics and supplies.  Located on their hobby farm, it gives customers the opportunity to get away from it all.  It’s a place to relax, to not be overwhelmed, and to enjoy the beauty of the country life and still be just a very short distance from the city.  Once you step into our world, you’ll know why this is the best place to be!

Besides having the best setting for the store, we knew we had to offer a great selection of fabrics.  Again, not too much to overwhelm a person, but enough so they could easily pick out the right colors for the project they want to make.  One of our fabric choices we offer is the best selection of batiks in Central Minnesota.  The high quality of fabric and the gorgeous color arrays just spoke to us!

In 2000, through the many suggestions of our customers, Michelle began her own pattern line called Recipe Quilts™.  Our goal for our patterns is to make fun projects that you can finish.  

Recipe Quilts™ was whipped together from Michelle owning a “from scratch” bakery.  Just like gathering just the right ingredients to make a scrumptious treat, she derived her pattern company to offer beautiful patterns that gathered just the right fabrics to complete the project!  Many of the Recipe Quilts™ patterns included her tried & true family recipes that were part of her bakery or a family favorite.

Original quilt & sewing patterns by Michelle Johnson of Bound in Stitches.  Our patterns are designed with easy-to-follow directions.  I believe there is joy in accomplishing a project and being able to display it!