Hoffman Fabrics

Why Bound in Stitches loves Hoffman Fabrics

Hoffman Batik fabrics are true quilting treasures. From the touch and the feel of the fabric to the high levels of color saturation used, Hoffman fabrics guarantees that even pale hues and pastels have an intensity that demands attention. This depth of color ensures that every intricate piece is vibrant and pronounced. Hoffman’s signature designs, incorporating seaside beauty such as the rosy hues of sunset, blues and greens of deep ocean waters, brown and cream shades of wet sand, or delicate botanical motifs, combine with the softest and most durable 100% cotton to make Hoffman fabrics ideal for creating unique apparel and accessory items as well as quilts. With over 800 distinct designs available, in every shade of the rainbow Hoffman Fabrics offers unlimited creative sewing potential.

Bound in Stitches offers the best selection of Hoffman batiks in Central Minnesota.