Not sure if the project you have in mind is something you can complete?  We have put together some recommendations to help you in this process.  

Beginner: A beginner is someone who is excited to begin the journey of quilt making but has little or no experience with how it's done.  You have not used or you have just a little experience using a sewing machine.  As a beginner, you seek to learn the basics of cutting, piecing and assembling a quilt top.  You want to learn how to sandwich a quilt, quilt it either by hand or machine and finish it by binding it.  You may not know what the quilting lingo is but are ready to learn!

Confident Beginner: You have experience with using quilting tools such as a rotary cutter and rulers.  As a confident beginner you have pieced and assembled several quilt tops and are comfortable with the process.  You are ready to move on to more challenging techniques.

Intermediate: An intermediate quilter is one that is comfortable with most quilting techniques and has a good understanding for design, color and the whole process. You are experienced in paper piecing, bias piecing, "Y" seams and projects involving multiple techniques. You are confident in making fabric selections other than those listed in the pattern.

Advanced: An advanced quilter is someone who knows they can make any type of quilt.  You are looking for that next challenge to polish your skills.  You have the ability to read, comprehend and complete a pattern, and are willing to take on any technique. An advanced quilter is comfortable in their skills and has the ability to select fabric suited to the project without needing assistance.

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