Bound in Stitches has been providing high quality, award winning hand guided longarm services since 1995.  Each quilt is considered a work of art and is carefully studied to bring out the best in your pieced quilt top.

Machine Quilting Services

The time it takes for us to machine quilt your quilt is dependent upon the number of quilts currently in our quilting queue. We have several options for you to get your quilt on our schedule to be quilted:

  • You may call us to set up an appointment with our machine quilting specialist. The appointment is complimentary.  This may take up to 30 minutes to check-in your quilt as well as determine the thread color(s), batting and design for your quilt.
  • If you prefer contactless service, your quilt top and backing may be dropped off via curbside service.  Please contact our store during regular store hours at (320) 255-9021 or email us at to set up a time.  Once we receive your quilt top, we will contact you via email with quilting options and thread colors.
  • You are welcome to mail your quilt top and backing to our store once we have consulted with you.  To protect your quilt against elements, we recommend that you enclose your quilt in packing material.  Once we receive your quilt top, we will contact you via email with your quilting options and thread colors available.

Quilt Preparation for Best Results

Our goal is to provide you with the best possible machine quilting for your quilt top.   Following the steps below will help us meet this goal.

  • Quilt top should be trimmed to its final size.  We do not cut or trim a quilt. 
  • Make sure all your seams are secure.  Stay stitch around your entire quilt to ensure it will not come apart.
  • Remove all excess threads as well as pins, buttons, and embellishments.
  • Quilt must be clean and free of any odors.
  • Indicate the top of the quilt with a safety pin.
  • All layers (quilt top and backing) must be separate.
  • Quilt top and backing fabric must be completely pressed.  All seams should be pressed flat.  We recommend using a spray starch such as Best Press to give your backing a nice crisp finish.  We do not accept sheets or decorator fabrics for the backing fabric.
  • Batting and backing must be 8” larger than the quilt top.  Backing fabric must be squared up and ready for the machine. 
  • Batting must be purchased at Bound in Stitches.


Due to variations in types of batting we require that you purchase your batting from Bound in Stitches. We offer many choices in fiber content including cotton, poly, wool or cotton/poly blends.

Backing Fabric

The backing must measure at least 8” longer and 8” wider than your quilt top. For example, if your quilt measures 90″ x 108″, the backing should measure at least 98″ x 116″. This is vital part so that it allows the machine to quilt off the edges of your quilt and still have something for the clamps to grab a hold of. You can always trim excess once completed but you cannot add fabric later! Remember to press the backing for best results.  We recommend using a spray starch such as Best Press to give your backing a nice crisp finish.

  • If you are seaming your backing, we recommend trimming off the selvage before sewing backing pieces together. For best results, use a seam allowance of a 1/2 inch, then press the seam open and flat. Your backing should have straight edges, and corners should be right angles.
  • If you have pre-washed any of the fabrics in. your quilt it is recommended that you pre-wash all of them, including your backing fabric.
  • Please note:   It is not possible to perfectly center the top over the backing in both directions. A backing with a center monogram, pieced design or with a border, is likely to be "off" in the final product.

Should you have any questions, please telephone us at 320-255-9021 or email us at

Quilting Style Services

  • Basting—For hand quilting and/or home machine quilters, basting is done in rows approximately 4” apart.  Large stitches make it easy to remove once your hand stitching is complete.
  • Edge to Edge (Pantograph Designs) —A single specific pattern is repeated in each row across the quilt top.  Many designs to choose from.  Custom designs can also be created to complement your quilt for an additional fee.
  • Free Motion—A consistent pattern over the entire quilt top.  Although meandering is one of more well known types of Free Motion quilting, we offer many different free motion designs from which you may choose.  
  • Custom—Specific placement of patterns on your quilt blocks, setting triangles, sashing, and border(s).  Motif patterns may be used to enhance your quilt blocks.  These designs fit within the blocks well-defined area. Custom border designs form a pattern that flows around the quilt, framing the area and drawing the eye in.  There is a nominal turning charge fee for quilts which need to be taken off the frame and turned to do the opposite borders.


The machine quilting fee is based on the size of the quilt top in square inches.  All quilt tops are measured prior to machine quilting to calculate the number of square inches it contains.  Pricing is determined by the design you choose, thread, batting and any additional services such as binding your quilt.
Please Note:  All pricing is subject to change without notice.

Fullness Disclaimer— Puckers and/or fullness in a quilt cannot be quilted out.  Bound in Stitches does not guarantee that puckers or tucks won’t be sewn in.  In some cases where there is excessive fullness in the borders, the quilt may not be square once machine quilted.
Mechanical Disclaimer— Long arm quilting machines are mechanical devices.  Although we do our best to ensure optimal results every time, on very rare occasions mechanical  issues can occur which may cause minor damage to a quilt top and/or backing.