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Prevents fabric from fraying and secures thread ends. Washable and dry cleanable. Will not discolor or stain most fabrics. Easy-to-use, simply squeeze little amount of fray check to apply on your fabrics and allow it to dry for some time to lend neat and finished look to your craft projects.

Sometimes the product can dry with a crunchy finish. 
Try the following:
After applying Fray Check to the area you are wanting to stop fraying, (for instance, the end of a serged seam) and with the aid of a press cloth, press the area both front and back with your iron.  Once the product is both cool and dry, then clip the excess threads.  If you are using it on buttonholes, apply, press, then wait to cool and dry.  Then slash your button holes with either a buttonhole cutter or seam ripper.  The Fray Check will be seem non-existent.

Always try the product on a scrap piece of fabric first.
HAZMAT MATERIAL.  For any safety data sheets, please refer to the following files:


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