Magic Alphabet Numbers & Arrows Pins



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If you love the Magic Pins, these will be a must have!

Magic Pins combined their flat, heat-resistant, comfort grip handle with Alphabets, numbers and arrows markings to keep your most complex quilting and sewing projects organized. No more mixed up projects when sewing your rows together.

The handles on these pins have letters, numbers, and arrow symbols. The set contains a total of 97 pins: 6 pins each with letters A-E, 3 pins each with letters F-J, 2 pins each with letters K-N, 3 pins each with numbers 1-12, 4 pins each with arrow direction ➡️ 4 pins each with arrow direction⬅️. Magic Alphabet, Numbers and Arrow Pins™ are ideal to keep your quilting projects organized.

Pre-Order Item.
Available:  Approximately December 26th, 2023

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